Hale Laulea

Residential Architecture

Maui’s north shore is home to world class sailboarding. The Hale Laulea residence is situated near the shore of Sprecks Beach at the perimeter of a Kiave forest. The owners wanted to create a ‘windsurfer’s cottage’ to accommodate not only themselves but also additional rental space for windsurfers. The concept developed was to construct 3 separate cottages around a central, coconut palm ringed meadow. Because of a predominance of French visitors, the structural/aesthetic style was inspired by beach cottages of French Polynesia. As defense against tsunamis, local code required that homes be raised above potential flood levels, however one existing building on site, built just above grade was renovated as a bunk house for over flow of guests at either of the two primary cottages. A traditional Hawaiian ‘Dickie’ roof was integrated, cedar siding and exposed heavy timber framing comprise the interior and exterior wall surfaces.

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