Chart House Restaurant, Kanehoe, HI

Hospitality Architecture

The architectural focus on this project is the upgrading of an existing restaurant that had evolved over sixty years from the home of an old Hawaiian family. The structure, which had fallen into a poor state of repair, was nestled in middle of a tropical garden, on a bluff overlooking a meadow with a large koi pond and gazebo. Its association with the gardens was enhanced by the fact that it was a completely open air structure. Our attempts to restore and improve the existing building fell victim to the fact that the entire structure was riddled with dry rot. Instead we rebuilt it with all the same shapes and interest, while upgrading the details and materials. Tiki torches took on human like forms, light fixtures were inspired by the bugs on the heliconias growing in the garden, native Hawaiian details inspired cabinetry design, and an entry sculpture honors the fish as a staple of traditional Hawaiian fare.

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