Planning for the America’s Cup Quivera Basin

Exhibition Architecture

The America’s Cup competition found its way to the San Diego Yacht Club after 132 years of hosting by the New York Yacht Club and a brief stint in Australia. Planning for the event requires the locating of 12 to16 waterfront compounds for racing teams, land based facilities for 400 media personnel and their access to the water for races, water and air based race support, and facilities, both land and water based, for 10,000 spectators. At Quivera Basin Architecture, J. A., Inc. was involved with the planning for eight racing syndicate compounds, a media center, America’s cup Village, a helicopter refueling station, and dock layouts for various viewing boats. The design created an ‘Americas’ Cup Village’ that housed the majority of activities that are a part of the event, and was the only venue in San Diego that had both the water and land areas available to create such a village.

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